The Washingtons Go to D.C. Day three



Today, we went to the headquarters of SMART Technology. We were split into two groups. In one group, we watched a demonstration of Notebook 14. Then we got into smaller groups and practiced using it. In the next group, we learned about SMART Amp technology that allows the students to collaborate in some really cool ways. Oh, and if any of my students are reading this, I understand how to work the 3D capabilities now. We can play with it when I get back. The day ended with the groups teaching lessons using the technology. Some of the STOYs left to meet with their state legislators. I didn’t, but we’ll be back in D.C. this summer, and I might try to meet with them then. I didn’t have time to set that up.


We came back to the hotel and got ready for our casual family dinner and program. The food was amazing! The desserts were plentiful and delicious. Crystal West, one of my students from Memphis, goes to Howard University, and she got a chance to join us for dinner. I was so happy to  see her! Each STOY had to stand and introduce his or family, and I was honored to introduce Ricky and Crystal. Then, a video was played to honor us. Pictures of us were shown from our announcement ceremony, and there were pictures with our students. Side note: When I went to interview for state, Katy Perry’s “Roar” was played over and over on the radio. I don’t know why they played it so much. It pumped me up to go in there though. I felt good afterwards, and it was played a bunch of times on the drive home. After I was announced, I got in the car to that song playing again. Tonight, when it was time for Texas, the first song ended, and “Roar” was played on my time. Clearly, this is my year to ROAR!

TOY Presentations

TOY Presentations



We then got our “presidential instructions” and then lined up by height. That’s the order in which we’ll meet him. Shortest first. I’m not too short, but I won’t wait long.


Then, we had a welcome for the STOY babies that were born this year. We pitched in and bought them gifts. Kathy from New Jersey embroidered the blankets. “My favorite TOY is my daddy, “insert name” He is the 2014 “insert state” TOY. Too cute!!

We had a cool planning session in the lobby before going to our rooms. We’re planning to do something cool after the White House ceremony on Thursday. I think we’re the first class to do it. Lots of personality in our class!

Tomorrow, there are some big things happening. I’ll check in. Stay Orange!


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