Embrace the Crazy. Embrace the Fun.

I wasn’t planning on making a blog post today, but then I saw that picture. That crazy looking picture of me emailed by SMART Technologies. Emailed to everybody! I saw it and remembered my Facebook post from yesterday. “Embrace the crazy. Embrace the fun.”

First, I have to say that my friends and family love me and want to protect me. They say, “Slow down. Just don’t do that stuff. Say no, and take a nap.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I do want a nap, but I learned in October 2013 that my 2014 wouldn’t include many naps. That’s ok. I embraced it. What a wonderful opportunity I have that many would love to have. I learned that I’ll have many years to impact education, but this is my year of recognition. It comes with obligations to my local school community, regional community, and state and national obligations. Many of my friends and family don’t understand the obligations, and that’s ok. It does NOT come with a full or partial sabbatical. That means I have to work in all those areas while also taking care of my students. (family and self too) That makes for some crazy days. But it makes for some cool experiences! I hope that at the end of this crazy, wonderful year, I have left the Texas Teacher of the Year program in better shape than I found it.

I spoke to the Region 8 first year teachers last week, and in my presentation, I told them to be real…to never take themselves too seriously. That’s truly what I try to do. I had a great time speaking to them and even got a free Kindle Fire out of it. Allow me to digress. They drew tickets to give away two Kindles. Then, Tammy Kuhlengel said, “I always wanted to have an Oprah moment. I tricked you. Every teacher gets a Kindle!” I cheered for them and took their pictures. Then she said, “And of course we want to give our very own Texas Teacher of the Year a Kindle too, and hers has a purple bow. Her favorite color!” Good stuff!!




A couple days ago I found myself filming a television show segment that followed the segment about two beautiful and smart young ladies. I felt hot and sweaty and icky. They were so great though. Only I would have to follow such beauties! That face of mine says it all. It was so great to meet them.


Anyway, I saw that crazy looking picture that was emailed out today, and I covered my face. Then, my friend Brett (Oregon TOY) posted it to our state teacher of the year group, and we had some great laughs making up captions. Here it is. No more stalling. Who KNOWS what I was saying to Rae McKee! (1991 National Teacher of the Year) Why would anybody make such a face in the White House?? I welcome your funny captions.

There have been so many amazing moments this year, and the year isn’t even over. I have a busy summer ahead. There’s going to be more good, more crazy, and maybe even some bad. Did I tell you that as soon as I got to the hotel in D.C. I was gesturing with my hands as I talked to the man who was giving me my room key? I flicked my hand, and off flies my teacher of the year ring, smacking him in the chest. See? Crazy!

There has been frustration and certainly exhaustion, but through it all, I’m trying to do three things: 1. Have a good time making memories. 2. Make some things happen in my year of recognition 3. Be real and tell the truth about it.

So, thank you family and friends for not understanding some of the crazy. That just means you love me. I’ll be a better advocate and teacher after all of this. I’ll be a better speaker and presenter. I’ll understand the profession a lot better and have a few more tools to improve it. And I might be a little tired and a wee bit crazy, but it’ll be good tired and good crazy.

Thank you for embracing my crazy. Thank you for sharing in my fun.


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